Hybrid Energy City Living

Imagine coming home from work or from a long busy day, opening your electric garage door, switching on your TV, music system and lighting, which at night can now be powered from your own storage supply unit.

Your own solar hybrid system allows you to capture your excess produced solar energy and store it for your own personal use at night.

Built in EPS function (External Power System)

Be the only house on the street with power when a back-out occurs.

Every family or business is defferent with a customised way of life, using the latest in battery and storage with our hybrid technology. You can have the best in affordable energy creation torage and the reassurance of still being on the grid!

Call us today for a better insight to how we can help you create your vision of independent low cost living into a reality.

  • Afordable and reliable technology
  • Built in External Power System - black-outs occur from time to time, our system has the ability to keep your power supply live
  • Flexible battery upsizing available
  • No longer export your excess solar power ofr $0.054 cents, save it for later when you do need it at night (saving the difference of what you normally would have been charged for grid electricity)
  • No more government feed in rebates? No problems, be your own provider of electricity!


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