How We Can Help You

Step 1 - Enquire about your next project

Contact Off-Grid Solar Energy by phone or email, this can be located on our “contact us” link. Basic details such as name, email, phone number and address of intended project are basic requirements.

Step 2 - Informative stage

An information pack and a key questionnaire will be sent to you by a choice of email or postal delivery. This will need to be filled in by you for our Off Grid designer to make recommendations on what you may need when living off the grid.

Step 3 - Consultation stage

We will book a consultation with a trained professional off grid personnel at the most convenient time depending on the location of your install. Here we can go through pricing schedules and installation time frames.

Step 4 - Installation

Once a variation of either lighting, Solar and Hot water has been contractually agreed on, we will book the appropriate time of installation and delivery of off grid items to site in a timely manner. Installation and compliance will be signed off after the completion of your install for quality in insurances checks.

Step 5 - Maintenance

You will be left with our instruction and maintenance program to ensure your off-grid system receives the adequate care to prolong the efficient of the solar panels and batteries. You will also be given warranty extensions and maintenance options at this point for further piece of mind.