Off Grid Hot Water Systems Adelaide

IMAGE-header2 off grid solar system

With over 35 years in Master plumbing and hot water experience Off-Grid Solar Energy has the tools to supply and install the very latest in hot water for both residential and commercial requirements. Imagine endless hot water with anytime demand but pre heated where 90% of your hot water is delivered by the Sun and not entirely by LPG.

Off Grid hot water heating can be used also were there is limited main gas connections or electricity needs to be conserved quite cautiously. There are a lot of off grid water heating options and where it comes to the most suitable option for your off grid water heating requirements really depends on your location and off grid solar energy system size and ability. Where it may be suitable we would recommend using the following configurations:

  • Evacuated tubes to preheat an electric or LPG boosted tank. The benefits of evacuated tubes is that it works in extreme cold environments below –because the technology enables an anti-freeze properties due the system’s ability to lift water heating temperatures quite high. This also enables the configuration to be able to provide up to 80% of your off grid hot water heating cost.
  • Low line and roof line solar off grid hot water – with the ability to have a freestanding unit and where space may be an issue we can have a roof mounted system. Our preference with solar hot water has always been a roof line unit due to the natural thermosiphon nature that does not require the use of mechanical pumps but uses natural gravity to a systematic hot water delivery, this system is highly reliable and durable as such to deliver again 80% of your energy required to pre heat your off grid hot water heating requirements
  • Electric Heat Pump off grid Hot Water - Midea is a recognised brand worldwide and has recently achieved boasting rights to become one of the largest private electrical manufacturers in the world. The Midea off grid hot water is surely boastful in respect that it can be programmable to work only in sunlight generating periods and secondly it uses only 25% the amount of energy compared to standard electrical tanks. Your off grid hot water requirements will surely be met where we can oversize your off grid solar system to power this unit from 7am – 5pm in the evening, this would take out the factor of requiring LPG tanks etc.