Off Grid Solar Energy Rural

  1. Solar panels generate free electricity or solar power for your home during the daytime. Any excess electricity is used to charge your battery storage for hybrid or off grid solar power.
  2. Your battery storage supplies energy to your home when the sun goes down. The more efficient your home is the more you get out of your batteries.
  3. Back-up generators give you reassurance that you will never be in the dark!

off-grid-image-1 off grid solar system

OFF-GRID living is more suitable for people living in rural areas, Common problems solve with off-grid living are listed below:

Exhausted with constant electricity bills?

Clearly most people have no choice but to pay for this needed expense as even standard solar power fails to avoid peak charges. At off grid energy Adelaide we treat this as a long-term investment into creating your own energy and eliminating energy bills will be the answer for you.

Constant running of a diesel generator?

Although diesel fuel used to be cheaper than gasoline, it now often costs the same amount or more. Diesel fuel is also used for commercial trucks, home and industrial generators, and heating oil, so as demand for diesel passenger vehicles grows, the price of diesel fuel is likely to continue to rise because of competition from those other users. By utilising our knowledge at off grid solar power Adelaide we have the local knowledge to transform your current Diesel generator into a secondary option where you will rely more so on your solar power and not your Diesel to provide you majority of your off grid energy requirements

Building a new home and connecting to the grid?

The approximate cost of connecting a new home to the grid is around $30000 that includes ongoing network charges and energy consumption bills. Using the money towards an off-grid system is clearly the most logical answer, off grid solar power Adelaide has the ability to help you stay reliant on yourself and not the network.

Business and Households with KVA restrictions

Lifting your KVA peaks to solve your energy demands is now any easy solution to no more appliances cutting out on you.

Every day at Off Grid Solar Power Adelaide we get asked what makes us different from other providers of standalone systems. The main point of difference we like to emphasise is that we tailor make a package that suits your lifestyle and make all suggestions with also lighting, hot water, appliances, wind and orientation (for new builds).

At Off Grid Solar Energy Adelaide, we firmly believe that 'over-sizing' is the key to providing the best scenario for our clients. Our in-house specialised clean energy council accredited designer and installer firmly believes that 'over-sizing' your system will mean your diesel generator should rarely have to be relied on or even become non-existent.

Introducing the 'Connected Energy Hub'

The 'C.E.H' has been designed by leading Off Grid designers in Australia using the latest technological products in off grid power solutions. This acts almost like a central nervous system similar to a brain, where it determines where the energy flow should be directed. Unlike other controllers the 'C.E.H' has the ability to supply appliances firstly and use excess power to charge the batteries separately giving your batteries a longer lifeline and a smarter solution to traditional models.

Traditional Models

Solar generation --- controller --- Battery --- appliances

  • Your batteries continue to charge up and down continuously cycling as appliances are used
  • Multiple excess cycling and charging to your batteries


The C.E.H Model

Solar generation --- Connecter Energy Hub (controller) --- appliances first


Simply how does it work?

  1. The installed Solar PV or Wind power generates electricity and goes to your “Off Grid Connected Energy Hub” system
  2. Your “CEH” Hub gathers the electricity and diverts this power to your appliances such as your television, Washing machine, Heater etc.
  3. Excess power then is used to flow into your batteries for storage and usage for later on when no power is available from your Solar Power or Wind Turbine.
  4. In the case where there is no solar generation from multiple raining days (3-7 days depending on your sizing) or over usage of power, your automatic start generator will kick in to supply the shortfall.
  5. Any questions at a later stage after installation we can organize a scheduled time period for off grid energy Adelaide servicing to maintain the system just like you would need to tune up a car


off-grid-image-2 off grid solar system

What to expect from us

  • German and Australian made power gateways and inverters only
  • Tier one panels with third party insurances to protect and give the added security to our customer
  • Full installation and compliance certificates issued on every job
  • A tailor made model that will suit your daily energy requirements
  • Multiple options for pricing variations and recommendations on all your living energy needs
  • A professional and friendly service when we size your system
  • A professional and 100% satisfaction guaranteed installation every time